The Limitless Pulse Pod System

    The Limitless Pulse Pod System

    The Limitless Pulse Pod System

    It is no secret that the MTL (mouth to lung) pod style vape devices are gaining popularity in the vape industry, more and more companies are taking note of this and they are all designing some very innovative devices, competing to make a device that stands out from the rest of the market. Limitless Mod Co is jumping in on this market and it is safe to say that they are taking things one step further with the Limitless Pulse Pod System. LMC has teamed with some of the industry’s leading designers in Asher Dynamics and have looked to a fairly new manufacturer that is Ply Rock. Now don’t let the word “new” fool you these guys are manufacturing some of the highest quality devices in the industry!

    Taking a Closer Look

    The Limitless Pulse Pod System has an output of 8 watts and is powered by a 380mAh built in battery. Now if you have ever used one of these pod style systems you know that 8 watts is plenty of power to provide a nice tasty vape a long with a good throat hit (depending on the juice that is used.) The charging system of this device is like any other in the fact that it uses a standard micro USB connection, simply plug the device in and let it charge. The Limitless Pulse Pod System utilizes a 2mL top-fill refillable pod. The pod has a small rubber insert on the top, simply remove this insert, squeeze your juice down the fill ports, pop that rubber insert back in and you are good to go. This device has one of the more simple pods to refill, which is a great factor as it makes this device more convenient than most competitors. The Limitless Pulse will accept any salt based nicotine e liquid as well as any high pg juice, you can use a 50/50 vg/pg but I have found that it is optimal with a higher pg content.
    Taking a look at what sets this device apart aesthetically. Now because of the reliability and the performance of this device you know that this product is a Limitless product, but you may be wondering where the flare, the customization, that signature Limitless branding comes in! By taking one look at this device you know right away that the Limitless Pulse Pod system is in fact Limitless! This device is sleek, elegant and very appealing, they even took it one step further and added a simple yet great customization feature, by clicking the button on the front of the device you can toggle between 8 different colors that are lit up by an internal LED light! Of course knowing that a lot of users prefer a more discrete device when using these pod systems, they have added the option of turning the light completely off.


    The easy top fill system of this device is a huge pro for me, it truly makes this device very convenient. Next pro is definitely the LED light feature, being able to customize your device with just a click of the button is a much an added bonus!


    The only con I can really see with this device is the rubber insert that keeps the juice fill ports closed, it seems that it has the potential to break fairly easy and can end up getting stuck in the pod, but that shouldn’t be a major concern as you can open the pod from the bottom if need be.

    Final Thoughts

    Over all the Limitless Pulse Pod System is a great device, the ease of use along with the customization, I feel sets this device apart from the others that are currently on the market today. By teaming up with Asher Dynamics and Ply Rock I feel that the Limitless Pulse will be a front runner in this market.

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