About Us

Looking Towards the Future


The electronic cigarette industry is an ever changing marketplace, always changing and always evolving. PLY Rock was established to meet an ever increasing demand within the e-cigarette marketplace. From your basic starter devices and kits for beginners all the way to advanced vaping enthusiasts, PLY Rock positions itself to offer products that meet the industry’s audience every step of the way. By understanding the needs and wants of the electronic cigarette industry around the globe, we’ve formulated products that fit just right, in any hand.

Our new and innovate designs & and advanced fabrication technology lead the way in creating not just devices customers use day in and day out, but products that customers will love. Our philosophy is that our products should be easy, intuitive, and look great, all while being competitively priced for all vapers.




As the next generation of e-cigarette devices start to hit the market early this year, PLY Rock starts off strong. With the help of some of best designers in the vaping/e-cigarette world PLY Rock rivals many of the biggest contenders in the industry such as Kangertech, Innokin, Sigelei and the like. But just because you may not have heard of PLY Rock before, doesn't mean that we don't mean business. We are here to stay.

Cool, modern, and chic, PLY Rock has emerged and has devices suited to beginners and enthusiasts alike. Whether you like to be stealthy and discreet or looking to create a giant plume of vapor in your wake, our devices meet the demand and more. So keep a look out at your local vape/e-cigarette retailer, PLY Rock will be the household brand name you'll love.